Should Formula E vehicles have added engine noise?

It seems certain that we will see the first Formula E season kick-off in 2014 with a number of teams already signed up. However, there is growing concern that electric sports cars will not offer the same adrenaline rush and public attraction as their F1 counterparts. Should Formula E vehicles have added engine noise?

I don’t think that make sense, but that’s just my opinion!

they’re doing a lot of things with sound in EVs as a safety precaution. Dominos has a scooter (cant put links yet u can find it on youtube) that repeats the words dominos and pizza. It’s amusing… But much cooler things are being done, some people (MIT i think) are creating sound for EVs much in the same way people create music. I see a future with some very interesting noises coming off the roads.

I think formula E should stay silent though. It’s cooler.

I see there is some kind of phone app which plays music depending upon how you turn the wheel of your car - weird! lol