Door Handle Repair on 2005 E2

HI All,
I’m new to the forum. I just bought a 2005 E2 that needs a lot of TLC. It came with a 7 and 7.5 HP motor and a lot of spare parts. First things first.

Both of the doors open from the inside handle, but not the outside handles. Can anyone coach me on how to repair/replace the handles?


Take the door off.
Get somthing softly like a moving blanket and lay the door down remove the screws that go all around from the inside of the door. Use a magnetic Philips. The inside door handle has 2 screws as well. The outside door handle has 2 small Nuts that need to come off. They are small metric nuts and can easily be lost. I use a small nut driver and I even put blue tape inside the nut driver to grab onto or hold the it in the driver while removing & re installing the nuts. Once all the inner plastic is off you will be able to get to all the linkage that attaches the inner door handle to the outer dooor handles.
I’m pretty sure the plastic clips that hold the door opening linkage are either broken or most likely just have piped out or come un done simply put the linkage back together and you should be good

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I did what you said to disassemble the door. Pretty easy to do. Thanks.

It looks like I am missing some type of link between the handle and the latch assembly. It looks like it would need a link to change the direction of the pull… I will hunt for a drawing with part numbers…

Thanks again for the reply.

I think I remember there were tabs on the handles that break off fairly easily. Look close on yours for a broken bit.
Here are some really bad pics. Looking for better. Maybe I’ll shove my phone in my door and see if I can get something useful.

I have the door apart right now. The inside door handle connects to the latch actuator via a solid steel link rod. It works correctly.
The outside door handle is not connected to the latch actuator by anything. It looks like it should have a cable connector similar to part #7 in the photo above, except that it would not need to be as long as #7. Maybe #7 is is the correct part, but I need to see an installed photo to be sure.

that cable are for 2010 car ,too long for a 2005 car

I ordered 2 pieces of part number 7081771 and installed them this morning. They are perfect fit.