Does the factory service manual have trouble codes for GEM 2016+

I’m not opposed to purchasing the Polaris service manual but can anyone tell me if the trouble diagnostic codes are included or are those super secret? My job has me caring for 3 GEMs that I keep charged up and clean.

The 2 older GEM are real gems and trouble free. The 2016 had a going totally dead mode that I repaired by swapping out the relays in the fuse box. Seemed to fix it all.

I learned about arm ripping R-pins in the door hinges that grabbed me good 5 stitches :frowning: so they were replaced with split rings. Bad design.

Also trying to figure out how the in dash 12 volt battery gets charged? I put a pigtail on it and attached a Battery Tender for last winter.

Looking around for a late model service manual.

Thanks all,


I’ll chip in if you give me a couple pages. I need a wiring diagram to start. Grant might kick in a little too.

Mine hasn’t had the 12v battery added.
Most aux batteries are floated from the 12v dc-dc. 12.6v. I don’t know what Polaris does.

The 2016-2018 Service Manual has 7 pages (8.89 to 8.95) of granular P-Code DTCs which are mapped to less granular SPNs and FMIs.

If you have a DC/DC relay installed then the in-dash 12V battery is probably charged by a 48V-to-12V inverter. My 2018 e4 has the inverter in the rear battery tray.

Per the service manual, the overall battery management operation is fairly sophisticated and putting a separate 12V feed to the in-dash battery might put proper operation at risk. I’m not an expert – just my reading of the manual.