GEM Diagnostic Trouble Codes

I have a 2017 GEM E4 that occasionally displays an odd error code. I’m working with the dealer to try to resolve what it means (description is very cryptic), but in the process I got a document from the dealer that lists these codes. It is a different list than what I’ve seen in other threads, and thought it might be of some interest. I tried to upload it, but it is in PDF format (looks like a scan of a hardcopy doc) which is apparently not allowed. Any suggestions on how to post it?

what error code you got ?

We aren’t allowed to publish Copy righted material. However we can share it with each other.

Would appreciate if you would email it to me. I want to add it to my Library of GEM Information.

Rodney (moderator)


Done. BTW, the error code I’m seeing is 520228: 31, which apparently means “Position encoder error root cause not known”.

ok thanks are that a speed encoder problem ?
can you run car ?

Polaris is saying its probably an issue with the electric power assist steering. The fault so far has only shown up when we first turn on the GEM, and only occasionally. It almost always clears when I turn off the GEM, then turn it back on. Only once did this not clear the fault, which went away eventually. Haven’t noticed any problems with the power assist not working.

I have a 2016 eL XD with an error code and would really appreciate a copy of the code list please.

If you could email it to me at that would be great.

Thank you

I would also

Just sent this. Old_Houseboater, I had sent this to you before when you first requested it, just sent again.

Can you send this me?
I’m getting a 520517 12. Thanks

520517-12 says Motor controller bad Intelligent device Or Component

Hi, can you send me the error code list please? My email is

BTW I’m getting 3 fault codes: 520547, 520609, and 520610.


Voltage above normal or shorted to high source
Voltage below normal or shorted to low source
current below normal or open circuit

As above

As above

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Hello can you also send me the error code list? In a 2019 EXL I am getting an error code #520503. Thanks in Advance

520503 BMC Charger
Current Below Normal Or Open Circuit

thanks so much for the quick reply!

I know this is an old thread, but can someone send the fault code list?


@Switch - For what year of car? - or - What controller do you have?

I too would like the list of fault code emailed to me. Thank you! Working on a 2016 e6 with the round dash cluster.

Sorry, just saw your reply. I have a couple 2016’s and 2020’s