Do I want to be like Gwest ? Which wheels are better?

I have been working hard on my new Gem project . The idea is the tuxedo/range rover look . So white Gem , Black out the roof and roof rails , Dechrome the head lights and bumper . Gem looks great , now the question is the wheels . Gwest uses the white wheels and i have always liked them . The Range Rovers use black wheels . So here is a picture with both wheels , which look do you like best ?

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One of each. Alternate front/rear on opposite side. :wink:

White ones would be my choice.

I really like the white ones. I know we all like to look at little different but hey Grant lives in Cali so you’re good. You won’t run into him. LOL, white all the way.

I’m thinking the white pops better. The black is a bit more industrial. I’d do white if it was my gem in those colors. That being said, I have black on mine and now you have me wondering?
BTW, we can have white wheels and NOT be like grant!!!

The white adds more interest while keeping with your color scheme. I want to try a similar look with the wrap colors I showed you.

Paleeeeeezzzeee, when it comes to the wheel choice on your specific gem Mike, WHITE IS Right

And I hope to Run in to Mike some day. We gotta hit the Keys and make a run to the Bahamas