I bought a 2001 E825 in June of this year, (2018) and have been lurking on this forum since then. Thanks to all for all the great info. I’m located in Southern Baja California Mexico and my GEM is the first my small town has seen. There is a new Polaris dealer about an hour anna half from here in Cabo San Lucas but nobody here has really seen a GEM before They locals really love it. We have tons of ATV’s and side by sides so the GEM is unique. Anyway, I just thought I’d give back to the forum with some bling. The day after I bought my GEM I was doing my morning walk with my buddy, Moki the Wonderdog. I found a GMC insignia/emblem that had fallen off somebody’s truck. When I looked at it all I could see was “GEM”. I took it home and cut the letters apart with a dremel tool. I then cut 1" off each end of the “C” and used one of those pieces to add to the middle of the “C” to create an “E”. I then used a piece of 1/8 inch polished aluminum and JB welded the letters to it so I could affix it to my GEM car. (One could glue the letters directly to the vehicle itself if so inclined). I checked and the GMC emblems can be found of Fleabay and I’m sure dealers will have em. Just don’t go vandalizing your neighbors GMC trucks… :slight_smile:
Again, thanks to all for all the great info, tips and tricks!
Keep your tails waggin!
m&m (aka markos & Moki the Wonderdog)

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Awesome pic: how does ur gem do in the sand

Hah, yeah I think people are going to be more excited about your tires than your nameplate. :grin:

So far it’s doable but challenging. I’ll write up a post about offroading my GEM with more details. Standby…

This GEM looks awesome.

Thanks for the compliment! BIG SMILE!

Nice bling! It looks great!

Thanks! Makes me grin when I see a GMC truck.