Diy brake cable springs



When the parking brake is released the rear wheels should roll 100 percent free. If they don’t best case is you lose range and performance. Worst case is you burn up your motor.

The best way to check is to jack up the rear of the cart and spin the wheels. They should move freely.

As the carts age the parking brake mechanisms can get dirty and sticky. In addition the cables tend to develop a tendency to not move as freely as when new.

If you have this problem and you have done everything to free things up, you may want to consider adding booster springs to your cable ends.

I bought a pair of springs from ACE HARDWARE for 5 bucks. Picture #1.

I cut them down to about 1 5/8 inch Picture #2.

I wound them around the cables as shown Pictures #3 & 4.

If this doesn’t cure the problem you need to replace the cables.