Parking brake adjustment - what not to do and howTo

on my 2008 I had to pull the L/R wheel to get to the L/R brake light and so I also checked by brake pads since my parking brake was not holding the vehicle in place on any kind of an incline. Pads were fine and I saw no way to adjust the shoes so it looked like the parking brake cable was the only adjustment needed. On a ‘big’ car you adjust your shoes first then you go to the parking brake cable.

I figured there’d be an adjustment at the handle and so after removing the boot cover I saw a nyloc nut which I started to turn. Pulled an inch of threaded rod out and while the parking brake felt good, something didn’t feel right on the last few turns of the nut. I tried to back it off but it would not and the cable itself was twisting. NOT GOOD.

What you want to do is adjust the threaded rod under the vehicle by first putting a pair of vise grips on the section near the cable end(above threaded rod section) and held that while backing off the lowest nut on the threaded rod and then tightening the nut/washer against the cable spreader/holder. It sucks but it’s probably best to make 3 or 4 turns on the but and then pull the handle to see how it positions. You want it to position a couple of inches(or more) up from the disengaged position.

What I did was adjust the nut, a rear tire to hear NO BRAKE RUBBING SOUNDS, then test the parking brake lever position. stomp on the brake once for good measure and repeat. When done, you move the lowest nut upto the now tightened adj nut and with 2 wrenches, hold the adj nut in place and tighten the lowest nut against it. This locks both in place.

You should hear no rear brake rubbing sounds when you spin the rear tires with the parking brake disengaged and before the top/stop position you should feel the brake cable stop your movement. And the rear wheels should not turn.

FYI, I had to completely remove the lower adjustment nuts, pull the caple up through the top parking brake handle, put vise grips on the unthreaded part and back the nylock nut back to the middle of the threaded rod section. I screwed up the plastic cable cover by turning the nut and rod from above.

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