Adjusting brakes

I have a 2005 eL with 3790 miles. The brake pedal has no play in it at all, any amount of pressure on the pedal engages the brakes. There doesn’t seem to be any drag while driving and the operation of the brakes seems normal. Should there be any play and if so, how are they adjusted?

Thanks for your time.


The brakes are hydraulic similar to the typical auto so the only adjustable part is the parking brake cable. If all the components are clean and in good operational order and your brake pads/shoes are within tolerances you should be OK. If you are concerned they are dragging you could jack the wheels up and spin them by hand to see if there is resistance. You will need to raise both front ones to do this but the rears can be done independently. Be sure to periodically check the brake fluid level also.

That is exactly the way my brakes act on a 2002 e825. I wish they had some play in them so the brake light switch wouldn’t be so touchy. Sometimes the brake pedal doesn’t come back forward enough to release the brake light switch. I just tap it with my foot and it turn the lights off. If the pedal traveled farther down then a better switch adjustment could be had. I thought of mounting a small return spring or installing a pressure line switch like the old cars used to have. Other than that the brakes work perfectly…no leaks or binding.

Paul I had that problem with my '05 eS… check your parking brake going to the rear wheels… WD40 on the part that sends the cables to the wheels…


The lack of travel may be due to the lack of vacuum assist. The trouble with brake lights staying on appears to be common as the pedal has no return spring other than the internal spring in the master cylinder. Check and lubricate the linkage to ensure it is not binding.