Brake pedal return

My brake lights stay lit even when my foot is not on the pedal. If I lift up on the pedal then they go off. The pedal stops just about 1/4 to 1/2 inch from where the upper limit is. Is there a return spring on the brake pedal? Has anyone had this problem? Trucking company didn’t know this, so when it showed up, batteries were severely down charged because brake lights were on for most of the trip from California. Still trying to get the batteries fully charged.

There is usually an adjustment on the switch

Thanks for he extra fries.

Yes, common problem on the brake pedal. Go underneath the car and you will see a spring that is connected to the brake pedal. Spray some WD40 on the spring and hit the brake pedal a few times. This will soften it and should solve your problem.

Thanks for the tip Ray. I got myself a small jack and a couple of stands to be able to lift up the Think so I can work on brakes and wheels. In reviewing the manual, there are 2 clumsy pictures which warn about lifting the car with bottle jacks or in the “wrong location” because the frame is aluminum. So I bought a low profile floor jack but the point where the jack will contact the frame is very small…less than 2.5" in diameter. Not much better than a bottle jack. Do I need to place a block of 2 by 4 between the jack and the frame? Or between the stands and the frame to distribute the load? There is not much mention of how to lift the car…just how not to lift the car. Also no mention of where to place the stands once the car is up on the jack. I would hate to mangle the frame the first time I have it off the ground. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

You can put your jack on the aluminum cross frame between the 2 wheels. If you have a small 2 x 4 you can use it if not thats ok also. I have jacked up countless Thinks, never a problem. Ray.

Thank you for the info Ray. I just finished mounting the new retractable cord reel and new LED brake lights. Tomorrow, will remove the wheel and inner fender so I can finish routing the power from the cord reel to the charger and hopefully fix the sticky brake pedal at the same time.