2001 825 (4) Parking Brake Adjust

My parking brake is way out of adjustment. I have searched for the adjustment and have found that there is supposed to be the adjust. thing beneath the parking brake boot yet I can’t access/find it. Any help please?

Not sure what model GEM you have, but here is the adjuster on a 2002 longbed, it’s under the front seat above the batteries. I believe all 2 seat models from that era should be similar. For other models, just follow the cable back from the rear wheels to the front of the vehicle and you should find it pretty quickly.

Thanks JR. It’s a E4. I guess I will do the obvious and…look under the car.

Yes jack up the car you will find the adjuster you need a vice grip to hold the cable and 2 -1/2 inch wrenches adjust it till you start to feel a bit of drag. I turn the rear wheels and get them spinning and start adjusting till you hear the pads touch

Thank you, Grant!
Might I add that I appreciate all that you contribute to this forum? I started watching your videos even before ending up here.

Thanks I’m glad I can help.

Lots of great guys here that help others out. This is the Best Fourm I participate in, thanks for the shout out!