"Neener-neener" said the eM1400

This just makes me chuckle. The M35 is a lot of things, besides very big… Although factory equipped dump truck is not one of them.

Alternately titled “R.Lee Emmy is excited”

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The M35 does not have a dump bed?
Probably explains why it is for sale.
That and not quite fitting in his garage, and 2.5 mpg.
But it does feature a “sky view” roof system and will probably run after an EMP.

@jrjava any idea how to adjust the parking brake on the em1400? Do you know if that bolt attached to the lever on the brake caliper is there for adjustment? My cables are properly adjusted, they pull the caliper lever all the way but my Parking brake doesn’t have enough bite to keep the vehicle from rolling. It seems like the caliper doesn’t have enough movement to fully engage the parking brake, I know the simple solution would be to replace the brake pads but at $27 each (x4) I rather hold off on doing that since they still have about half their life left.

I’ll pull the service manual pages for you in a few hours when I get home as it’s a paper manual. There was no digital option when I purchased it from Polaris

In a normal drum design the actuator the hydraulic slave cyl (and in this case the e-brake lever) only travels just so far. As the lining on the shoe wears off it needs to be adjusted at the other end of the shoe using the star adjuster.
See if your assembly has a slot in the backing plate where you can stick a wide blade screwdriver and rotate the star to take up the slack.

I agree with AssyRequired, but I don’t know if the EM1400 has the slot in the back plate. They are self adjusting. Can you reverse and stop several times to allow the self adjusters to do their thing? Can’t help much with this sorry

All eM1400’s have always come stock with 4-wheel vented discs.

Ah, then my sleepy advice gets tossed out the window!
Is the e-brake lever on the caliper? I’ve seen some pretty complex adjusters that push on the backside of the piston.
or is there a separate brake assy that the cable hooks to?


Bingo. That’s exactly what that bolt is for. The parking brake has two adjustments, the caliper adjustment and the balance bar (distributes the force from the lever & single cable to both rears).

Not complicated, but there is kind of a procedure for how to see which one needs adjusting and then how to adjust it and possibly tweak the other in the process. I’ll post it shortly (2 pages).

Caliper. Looks like a rather basic design.

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@Derrick @Inwo

Perfect. So I might consider the minor adjustment being the balance bar and the major being the rotating bolt on the caliper.

Captain Obvious says:
Key is to find that sweet spot where the e-brake is loose enough to not drag when released but tight enough to work when the handle is pulled. Is that the half way point on the handle? 3/4? 7/8 up?

Thanks for the info jrjava. It seems like that service manual is rather informative, have you pawed through it yet? I’ve purchased other service manuals before and wasn’t really that impressed with them but it looks like one of these will be worth buying.

Well that is certainly an interesting setup. Since you started the project adjusting the emergency brake cables, you will paraphrasing the manuel first make sure there is slack in those brake cables before adjusting the calipers. After caliper adjustment, then complete tightening the cables. But then I’m probably telling you the obvious. Is there a way for the author to now modify the title on this thread to include Brake adjustment on a em1400? My experience is you only have a day to edit. This will be hard for other EM1400 owners to find rear brake adjustment on a search.


It’s actually a well written manual, IMO.
It covers the entire 7 year production run and their variations as they popped every few years.
The manual was 90-bucks, the pages and pages of electrical prints are worth more than that alone.

They print on demand, so it can take a while.

Ok. Thanks. I got the brakes dialed in yesterday and will buy a manual today

@jrjava do you have keys to your door locks? I’m trying to track down some and the few dealers I’ve contacted can’t find a part# for them and Polaris/gem is of no help. If you do have them, would you be interested in making a copy to sell me?

Sure. Pm me your address. I’ll get a copy made