eM1400 parking brake adjustment procedure - all years (2014-2021), all variants (LSV & non-LSV)

How to adjust the parking brake on the GEM eM1400, all years 2014-2021.

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For the uninitiated, the eM1400’s are unique in the GEM world. They are basically heavy-duty (as GEMs go) service trucks. They have more in common with the Polaris Rangers, and the Ranger EV. As far as this thread is concerned, they are notably RWD only and have 4 wheel disc brakes factory stock.

If you are reading this and have an eM1400 but don’t have a copy of the service manual, IMO, you should get one. Best $98 I’ve spent on mine yet. There is very little on the eM1400 that would be considered same or even similar to other GEMs built over the last 34 years.

Here are the service manual pages, seems there are some gotcha’s in there if it gets done out of order, or more bluntly, done the way one would adjust any other GEM, as all other models of GEMs (for the entire history going back to '98? ) at the time of this post have drum brakes on the rear.

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