Brakes Dragging kills Batteries

I have a 2008 RnT 4 wheel Drive. When I let off on accelerator it stops as if braking. It will not roll freely and I hear a roar as if brakes are rubbing when cart is moving. The batteries discharge quick and after a mile or two needs recharging. Is it normal for brakes to litely rubb to a point it slows the cart when you let off on the accelerator. Could it be the parking brake or the foot brake. Any advice. By the way I am no longer using gel batteries.

Noticed the same thing. Rear brakes are a hydraulic/wire tension combo. The wire is parking break. Noticed a rub. The parking break was activated and wouldn’t release. The system was clogged with gunk. Bummer because could not disassemble the piston. Just washed it out and breaks stopped rubbing. Hasn’t changed battery life much but the Discover batteries are old. Those batteries are 210 ampH batteries? I haven’t found anything comparable in lead acid. On the discover website they have discharge profiles. I assumed that the hard stopping without breaking was the electric motor but maybe not