Just a big Thank you

To the help I received on this site, thank you. My cart is running great, charging great. To my advisor, Assy req. Thank you!!! You are the Gem Wizard.

Only issue I have is the LCD readout, stays dark at night, but a flashlight can do wonders. God Bless.

Mike K.


Still doing a little research on this.
Can you take a picture of this? Daylight vs night?

No change, but it is I can live with it.
New question, know of anyone local that can do brakes, mine are starting to rub,

Hey Mike,
I was wondering how you were getting along.
You say your brakes are rubbing?
Describe this a bit more. Making noise when driving? Or when braking?
Check your reservoir level and see if you are down/getting low.
If so, then look at each of the brake drums to see if there are any wet with fluid.

Just when braking, brake fluid level is fine. Don’t see any liquid by rear wheels.
Other than than that, cart is running fine.
Not a big deal, but top speed I can get is about 18.
I look at the forum and see your very involved, you love the carts. God bless.

do you know of any videos on how to replace brakes, adjust hand brake, maybe rotors, and where to get replacement parts (brakes and rotors)

Look up brake replacement for a Polaris ranger or razor. I’m sure there’s tons of videos on them and they will be very similar if not the same setup as the gem