Delta-Q programmer

Got in the programmer kit.
Have no immediate use for it.

Wishful thinking I guess, hoped it would come with a bunch of algorithms.

Anyone have a source?

Only thing I can think of, is passing it around, saving, and sharing algs.

Not even sure if that’s how it works.
Hoping to find some lithium settings, from someone who has added them.

I believe the only safe way, for me, is lending with deposit somehow.

Any interest?
I’ve got too many other projects going right now.

In the next few days, I’ll see if I can clone it. Then it will be up for grabs.

Any chance you still have the programmer kit? Need it to reprogram for new AGM batteries.

Yes, I do…

Where are you located? I"m in San Diego. Any way to borrow or rent to download new profiles?

Yes, $50 + a $200 deposit.
Or you can send me the charger. Rodney says that flooded profile works for agm.

#INWO is the delta-q quiq programmer still available for rent?