Custom Hood Grills

Hey check out these Custom Hood Grills (Bundcur) made. These are raw (not finished) they need to be sanded primed & painted. But they are gonna be real Cool (literally)I’m gonna cut open up the back side of the Hood so these will be functioning air grills that will allow fresh air to flow threw this section of the Hood and cool the motor.

Look great but I would think you would still want a full size backing plate about 1/2" to 1" back from the grill to block rain from going straight in.

I was thinking of a backing that could be opened and closed. Example summer time take the insert out. And winter time you could slide it back in

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the right thickness plastic liner behind it which was held only at the middle but had a stop at the top and bottom about 1" in would do the trick. ie based on speed of the oncoming air it would deflect and let air in but only until it bumped up again a stop. Could be attached only at the top too.

Just thinking of ways it would not have to have mechanical parts and require user adjustments. Something like 3mm plastic liner might work.

Great idea for the “flap” baffle. Flexible plastic (Mylar) should provide long life and 0 maintenance. While I live in the land of eternal sunshine, not all are so fortunate. These may work really well to keep my temps down while exploring the limits of high voltage in our GEMs
Will be looking into this further.

With my car having a big battery pack, I can drive non stop for much longer and at the end of my traditional 20+ mile loop I have a MONSTER hill to get over we effectionaly call it “Mt NeverRest” at the top of Mt NeverRest I can start to smell what I think is a Hot Motor. I think it’s the combo of me driving for 20+ miles and the motor would be warm and then we throw the hardest part of the cars duty right at the end when the car is already warm. I’m gonna stop right at the top of the hill and take a temp reading on the motor. It will be interesting to see what kind of temps I have AFTER the vents are installed.

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Ok got the Grills sanded and painted looking good :slight_smile:

Hey here is a Tip for Rattle can users. Take a heat gun and warm up the spray can. It does 2 things. The Heat raises the pressure in the can so it comes out with more pressure. And #2 more importantly it warms up the paint inside and it flows out and lays flatter. It also helps if the part your painting is room temp or slightly higher.


After test fitting these, as far as mounting I think I will Remove the hood bolt. Drill out the grill Aera and then use Double sided trim tape on the inner edge of the hood to hold them down. I’m sure the hood bolt going threw them will be enough and the trim tape will simply stop the edges from comming up

Grills looking good with black paint on them. Keep posting pics of progress. Use wire snips to cut out where your going to put bolt thru. Drilllbit may catch on mesh.

These are awesome. Nice work.

I was gonna remove the hood and lay it on my cart so I could put the grills in place and mark where the hood bolt go’s. I have some nice DieGrinder bits that I can use to make the hole and enlarge it. Then I will mark out where the edge of the grill is and that will be my cut line for the air vent. Any ideas on how large the vents should be. ???

Have u considered drilling holes for the air openings that way there is plenty of structure left to support the bolts. If you cut a large opening it may make the bolt look point weak and get stress cracks. What do u think?

That’s a good idea with the holes. I could use a set of these grills. How to order? Thank you

I was thinking that drilling a bunch of holes would be a good idea BUT! I also though about crap caught between the 2 . And I ask
Thought If I want these vents to be functional then open the grill up don’t mess around.

Looking at my 2014 and the pictures of the vents, I would have some concerns about taking away any amount of the structure supporting the hinge bolt. It would seem to be a high stress area. I think I’d stick with holes as opposed to the entire grill area.
Just my .02

I agree. I would just make a hole or vent near the top section

Those are very cool. I had graphic designed my own custom grill decals. Adding a grill, real or faux, is a nice touch.

Has anyone added LED fog lights or small light bar on bottom of nose? I would be interested in suggestions.

Well Just like most of the Girls on the Internet.

“They looks way better on Instagram then in real life”

After a few days the paint shrank a bit and you could see the sand marks. So I figured I could avoid doing some real work, by micro sanding the grills and spraying a nice gloss coat over the top. ( my go to flick can Rustolium 2x) in gloss black was empty so I had to use some off brand Gloss fingers crossed

Love my rustoleum! Not so sure about the other brands but I’ve used them all to various degrees of success.
Your tip about heating can and surface is right on. Ive done that for many years. Ive also found the rustoleum sandable primer goes a long way to preventing both shrinkage and sanding marks (proper prep given) leaving a professional grade exterior finish. Black in the sunlight will show every minor perfection, but man does it look good when clean! I swore I’d never have another black car until my Hellcat came along. At least my GEM’s white.

Ok Back at it. First step was to drill small Pilot holes. Then larger holes. Then a de-burr bit to flange out the holes.