Custom Floor Mats

Hey Guys: I thought I would check and see if anyone is intrested in a set of floor mats I had custom made for my gem. I didn’t end up using them because after it was done it just didn’t have the over all look I was going for.

I made a template and had a company called PlasTeak make them. I played like $500 to have them made, I sold the car and have them just sitting around. They are Tan with Blue lines. It’s the same super high end material used on Boats.

I would take $100+ shipping

Super fancy! …

Did you ever sell the mats?

No I still have them are you intrested

I have a 2001 4 seat — Would they work and are they still available ?



well they came out of a 2002 E825 So I would say Yes they will work

Still have them for sale?

Yes send $200 to
And your address

Can you call me to discuss? 3602691667[date=2019-08-08 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]