Cost Comparison by Car Model - All-In

There is still debate as to whether Electric Cars are viable. A formula is needed so that a person can do the calculations for themself and decide whether an electric car is right for them and if so which.
Please post your suggested factors as a reply to this post.
For example a total of the following;-
(I have not assumed the same mileage per year or same cost each year The user of the formula must include those in their personal figures having decided how many years they will keep the car.
Dealer Price:
Tax on Purchase:
Road Tax;
MOTs :
Service Charges .
Sale Price when you sell it.
Repair and parts costs .
Battery leasing cost.
Fuel cost . (Note that formula is applicable to all fuels.)
Insurance cost .
Parking Cost. (Differs for electric and internal combustion engine sizes)
Parking Permit cost .
Range per charge.
Range required
When it seems that there is agreement suppliers of these items can quote them for particular models enabling buyers to do the rest to suit their own needs.

Does anyone know of a place that sells Mini sized car seat covers?
I am not looking for anything as percise or expensive as the Newton Commercial Interior Kits. I just want something to decently cover old front seats. The seats are getting old and look quite shabby. I already have a set of better seats sitting in a garage, but will only use that when I refurbish the car at a later date. I called around to most places, but they dont stock Mini sized covers. How much do I need to pay for a reasonable set of 2 front seat covers?

Seat Covers
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