Gas verses electric


I have been driving for almost 45 years and I have seen gas prices rise from about 20 cents per gallon to over 3 dollars per gallon during that time span. I believe the rise in gas prices will accelerate and within a decade will exceed 10 dollars per gallon.

This has given me incentive to start thinking about electric cars and wind turbines. I live in a windy area and this combination might work well. I have a neighbor that recently installed a 2.4 kw wind turbine to offset part of his electric bill and I am watching this to see how well it works out.

I now have an Isuzu Rodeo and it’s fuel expense is costing me about 20 cents per mile to drive. Replacement time for the vehicle is approaching and I am thinking about replacing it with an electric car in the 30,000 dollar range.

I can think of many questions about electric cars but I will ask only one for now. What I would like to do is a comparison cost of distance driven with a gas versus electric. Do electric cars have a mile/kilowatt rating on them similar to a mile/gallon rating on gas cars?

Or maybe someone one on the forum would have enough experience with electrics to know if there would be any energy savings with electrics.



Sorry, just noticed noticed there is a whole thread on this that answers my question.

But, I have another question. Do any board members own any of the electrics or hybrids being produced by GM or Ford or any other car manufacturers?

If so what do you have and what do you think of it.

Thanks for any information.