Comparing Holding Cost Between EV and ICE

I’m trying to compare the holding costs between an electrical vehicle and internal combustion engine (ICE).

Without factoring cost of charging or gasoline, what other costs should I consider.

Let’s assume a 15,000 miles per year driving in the suburbs on a Toyota Camry (or similar).

In an ICE car there are:

What costs should one consider in an EV:
using the same assumption above:
Roughly how long is an electrical motor is good for? 2 years, 10 years, 20 years. I know motors vary but I’m trying to get an understanding.
How frequently do I need to replace batteries?
Any other parts that I need to keep in mind for servicing an EV (like oil filter or oil or plugs in ICE)?

The way I see it there are three costs:
Buying costs
Holding (maintaining) costs
Environmental costs

It’s the holding costs that I’m trying to figure out.

Thanks for any inputs