Converting 48v battery riding mower to li-ion batteries

I have 3 Hustler Zeon all electric zero turn mowers that I want to convert to li-ion batteries. I’m mechanically savvy BUT all the options and specs make my brain smoke…The mower uses 4 trojan 12v 31xhs batteries. I assume this is similar to a golf cart and have seen a lot of talk on this but all the options on 42-55 etc voltage confuses me. I’d love guidance on making or buying a complete system that includes charger and BMS as safety is key since these mowers are being transported in vans going from property to property. Quick charging is also something I’m interested in, as the vans have solar chargers and recharging as we go would probably help.


Can’t find the specs. Is it 24v or 48v system?

48 volt. Sorry I thought I noted that!

I see. So the 44 to 55 is the voltage it can run on?

The trojans seem to be 100 to 150ah.
Half that in lithium may give similar range.
If you can run down to 42v, Chevy volt are best bang for the buck. The 2kwh 12s module is 44v nominal.
Use two for 100ah or 3 to 4 if you have room.
I make a harness to connect volts in parallel. Bluetooth Bms for 12s are cheap. ~$100!


Safest chem. run in the cold or run dead.

This is great. I discovered another forum for the old Ge-electrak mower and some guys converted zeons there.
If I understand what they recommend is the leaf 12s pack. I’d love your opinion…

I depends on what you have room for. The leaf and volt are near the same chemistry.

28" x 12.9" x 10.5" High. Basically 4 of the 31XHS batteries sided by side.

You can fit 3- 50ah Volt 48’s in that space. I would not suggest using the used batteries out of a junk or even worse a flood that some are buying here, contact me for “NEW” Volt batteries.

I’d like to know more re cost and accessories needed!

Email me at or call 925.292.8565

I didn’t know Chevy would sell a new Volt battery without a core. I would compare the price of any new to that of the used. Many of us have been using the used ones because the price is a fraction of what new is. Volts are going over 300K miles with very little battery degradation. I haven’t heard of anyone having problems with their used ones and if you’re putting them in a mower then I’ll assume you are running a business and you’ll want the best value you can get. Ping us if you need help finding a good used set. We’ll be happy to help you in your search.
@inwo is your best resource in getting all the accessories you need. He will steer you straight!

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I have done exactly this conversion. I used 14S-3P of lithium-ion from a Ford Fusion Energi cells (vin code C). Real simple. Width is identical, length is shorter. Use stock charger as voltage works out right!

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I’m thinking of buying the cubcadet 48 ev mower and wanted to know how the conversion went?

I’m thinking of doing the leaf cells beciuse I wan to commercal mowing also.

how long hours are they lasting with 1 12s pack.

I was thiunking of meangreen machine but tes SoExpensive!!

what are you using for blower?

I’m glade to hear this ! I was tinkin g of electric ztr also for commerical use that could go for like 4 hrs plus . mean green is spendy, but theres several lithium based riders coming out. that seem to be in the $3000 dallor range . but are go for like only 2 hrs. green works, is very fancy spendy n complicated. as are some other Commerical brands. starting with a leady and converting seems resonably simpler and you could have several packs for all day mowing .

does the charger charge the cells safley? what if they get out of balance .

It’d nice to see a mower conversion comparison with leaf, volt, ford, as far as fit, amp hours, charger matching, there is some that as done leaf with cadet .

Automotive cells are really well matched compared to a random group from a reseller. I have done 5 Lithium conversions now, 2 with leaf cells and 2 with ford fusion energi cells, and one with Kia cells. I have a meter on two and manually measure the other three. After getting them identical, I build the pack. The longest running pack (about 2 years in service) has a cell-to-cell difference of 8mv. To my knowledge automotive packs strive for a max difference of 30mv.

As to charging voltage, I aim for 4.1 Volts per cell like the auto manufacturers do. Even though the 622 NMC chemistry that most manufacturers use can tolerate up to about 4.3Vpc before the bell curve goes all bad. Most 48v equipment charges to 57.6v during bulk/absorb. That calcs out to 4.11Vpc. So right in my comfort zone.

How much did the conversion cost you?


I’m curious as to how/why 2 bms. Connecting multiple bms is challenging to say the least.
Or are they only to monitor and balance?