Contactor dropping out

I have a 2015 Gem E2 having an intermittent problem when at a stop stepping on accelerator I hear a contactor drop out car does not move turn key off then on step on accelerator cart works fine . can go for weeks at a time with out this happening or it could happen right away I drive this cart at least 16 miles a day 7 days a week anyone have any thoughts. I am running 7 12 volt T1275 batteries using Dave (inwo) idea of tapping in after the contactor before the controller so 7th battery is isolated during charge cycle. All help is appreciated Thanks::

Key switch failure is common. As is throttle pedal.

because it is intermittent is there some kind of test I could preform

Wiggle the key switch and the pedal. See if you find a bad spot that makes it trip.
Both switches can be bypassed for testing. Not easily though.

What does your key ring look like? I’ve seen too many keys on the ring swing and turn the key enough to open the circuit. It’s a pretty weak key switch.