Confused on how to lock rear cargo box on 2002 Gem 4 seater

Just bought a used GEM about a month ago and today for the first time, I needed tolock rear cargo box and couldn’t figure out how!!! Key is inserted in lock, do I turn the entire black housing which is placed on cargo box or is the key only supposed to turn the tumblers?

Before removing the cargo box, apply the hand brake. Always hold onto the cargo box when working the lock. If the lock is opened without holding on to the box, it will fall to the ground. Have an idea of how much weight is in the box before removing it. Turn the tumbler first, then turn the handle itself. Ensure that you retain positive control of the box. Set the box aside before removing the key. If the rubber feet dry rot, the rubber feet from crutches seem to work well as replacements. When reinstalling, be sure the mechanism is latched securely before letting go of the box.


are you trying to lock it from the area on top of the rear seats or on the box itself?

if you are trying to lock the box to the gem then do as above but if you are trying to lock the box itself then just turn the key in the lock. if the tumbler keeps turning then you probably need to tighten it to work properly.

I finally got the box to lock. Just took some time. I was actually trying to lock backpacks inside the cargo box, not trying to use the locking mechanism behind the rear seats:D