2000 Gem E825.wheels locked

My Gem is parked in my garage. I tried to push it in reverse to my driveway, but the wheels are locked. (Needs new batteries)

Can anyone tell me how to unlock the wheels so I can push it out of my garage?
Thank you!!!

With dead batteries or the master disconnect in the off position, unless the motor, differential/transmission or wheel hub bearings are seized, there is nothing there that should keep you from moving the vehicle. That really only leaves the brakes, which if it’s been sitting a long time are the most likely culprit.

Start with the rear brakes. Jack up the back, drop the brake handle and see if you can spin the wheels by hand… If not, see if the shoes didn’t release after you dropped the parking brake. Could be the lever on the back of the drum unit, spray the pivot with a little bit of penetrating oil. Or the shoes are stuck inside the drum. For that, you’ll have to jack the car up, take the rear wheels off and possibly have to take the drum off, for that you’ll need a hammer. And maybe a torch.

Same goes for the front drums, lift it off the ground and give them a spin by hand.

These guys are notorious for rear wheel cylinder leaks. Are there stains on the insides or your rear rims? Is your brake fluid resevoir low? Is your parking brake releasing at the rear drums? Sometimes you can remove the clevis pins at the rear barke drums an manually shove the lever forward and that may help a little. If you attach a tow rope and pull the vehicle a few feet, it might let go but that wont prevent it from happening again. I would check the rear drums for fluid leakage from the wheel cylinders.

I meant remove cotter pins and clevis pins from rear brake drum levers and trying pulling back on them (not forward as perviously stated in my brain fart). This may help a little but chances are the brak drums are stuck and wheel cylinders are leaking.-agin…if yor drag the GEM with a tow rope the drums may let go temporarily if that is the cause.

Thanks so much for your help

My pleasure- hope it worked

I will definitely let you know