Code change with new batteries

2005 E4 Gem, when I change the batteries, do i need to change the code?

Answer from assy required?

  1. Change the batteries from What to What?
  2. Change the code in the Charger? (see #1)

If you are changing chemistries (like fro Lead to Gel, or vise-versa) Then Yes, the charger profile will need to be changed.

If you are just changing batteries to a new set of what you were running before, then usually you don’t need to change the profile.

Usually - hopefully the charger was set correctly by the guy that installed the last set of batteries. It would be wise to check, rather than assume.
What happens quite often is the PO will throw in any old batteries on sale just to prove the car is working. He either doesn’t know about changing the profile or may not care.

Maybe he neans SOC indicator reset?

Thanks, not ready to do it yet, just wondering