Clipper Creek LCS-25P with NEMA 14-30 or L6-30 plug?

I have a 2014 Smart ForTwo and am renting my place (so don’t want to actually change any outlets), and have access to a NEMA 10-30 outlet. I’m planning to buy the Clipper Creek LCS25p, but it comes in so many versions that I’m unsure which would be best considering:

  • Overall cost
  • Future upgradability (in case we decide on day to buy a Tesla S)

I have these thoughts in my head and was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction:

  • If I end up moving to a new home then the 14-30 is a more versatile standard
  • I can buy a 10-30 to L6-30 converter cable for $30 vs. buying a 10-30 to 14-30 converter cable for $65

With regards to total cost seems like L6-30 would be cheaper, but is it worth the trade-off of not having as versatile a plug as 14-30?

Also does it make sense to get the 14-50 or other varieties it comes in?