City vs freeway range

Hi, what is better for ev range? City(20-60km/h) or Freeway(60-80km/h).

Also i went to a Nissan dealer and looked at a Leaf. They didnt recommend it for stop and go city driving. Said it was more of just a commuter.

Also im a city food courier and i drive 2-4 hrs(50-125kms) per shift. I live in Winnipeg with a garage. Could i make do with a 2012 mitsu imev?

Thanks for your time

What kind of dealer did you go to. The Leaf is an Ideal city car. How ever 125km may be stretching range in the winter.

IMHO the Leaf is a superior product.

What say you

Birchwood Nissan in Winnipeg. Sticker was $38,500. With no incentives. Sucks considering pretty much all of Manitoba is Hydro electricity.

Reality check.

A used Leaf is probably the best deal going right now if you want an electric vehicle.
New ones are hard to justify.

Your comment on Hydro Power is very appropriate.

Sad to say Electric cars depreciate faster than any other vehicle.

Petrol prices have hurt the EV market significantly. The current outlook for the future is that they will remain low.


I totally agree, there is a minimal second-hand market for electric vehicles at the moment with electric vehicle depreciation more rapid compared to traditional vehicles. This means there are some interesting bargains to be had.

However, this will change in years to come as the market grows and demand for second-hand vehicles improves. Much of this will be prompted by future improvements in battery technology which is the most expensive element of any electric car.