Hello from a new E.V. owner!

I’ve been hankerin’ for a new leaf for some time but I wasn’t sure I could make it work with a daily commute of 60-70 miles. I was driving a honda insight and my wife would also when it was available to her and if it wasn’t she would drive either a BMW z-4 or a Ford f150, depending on the season and weather. We just made the move to the leaf for our primary vehicle and use the insight for longer range and second car mileage while the f150 is relegated to towing and such things that the smaller cars can’t do. Z-4 went to make room for my Leaf. It’s working great so far and I love that car!!

Hi Sugarmaker

I am led to believe that the new Nissan Leaf 2013 has a journey capacity of around 140 miles on a full charge. Hopefully this should help to increase the number of people who could use an electric vehicle on a daily basis with confidence.