Cigarette Lighter Plug Issues

I have recently become the owner of a 2005 E-4 in excellent shape (800 miles on it). The cigarette plug doesn’t have 12 volts on it and I have taken the front of the car apart and traced the plug wiring to ground and pin #3 on the part number 0606-00436, MODULE, POWER & SIGNAL DISTRIBUTION. There is no voltage on the pin but the pins above and below there is 12 volts. I am guessing that someone put a big load on the plug and caused whatever supports it to fail. The question is can I move the stak-on connector from pin #3 to pin #4 without concern? Or pin #2? These are pins on the left side of the unit: 8 of them numbers 1-6 plus A and B at the bottom. What are these pins for? Are they for accessories? Can I use them to power with chassis ground?I want to get enough power to support a cell phone charger. Thanks for help.

Blown fuse maybe?

I don’t know. I do know there is a fuse block and all of the fuses are good. I put fuses in a couple of places that were labeled as spare (actually heater, radio, and blank) and none gave 12 volts to the spade terminal #3. I don’t know what goes on inside the module. I’m pretty sure this module actually generates 12 volts off the 72 volt buss but I’m not sure on the ampacity of the pins. I can’t even find where on the wiring harnesses the places that are meant to support a radio. I’m not even sure why terminal #3 was chosen to land the cigarette lighter positive, maybe any of the pins could have been chosen. There is no w/d that refers to the options (like radio or heater) that I can find. I’m in the lurch.

3.5 years later: Did you find a solution? What is the maximum load you can safely run from cigarette lighter outlet?

On my 2013 the Lighter plugs into a power source that holds a 10amp Fuse. So I guess a 10 Amp load is what the cig lighter will hold.

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Thanks, @grantwest . Way to revive a Dead Thread !