A fuse question

Can somebody tell me what fuse supports push pin (stak-on) pin number 3 on the GEM-PSDM, part number 0106-01034. There are 8 pins: numbers 1-6 and A and B on this module. I wish I could include a picture of what I’m talking about but I can’t figure out a way to do it. Thanks, Gerry

Put your meter on pin 3 and pull your fuses one at a time. When the pin goes dead your home.

Not so fast…the pin is dead and as best I can tell all the fuses are good. Now I have seen (once) an intermittent fuse and I’m 99.999999% sure I don’t have one here but I’d like somebody who knows the schematic of the module to tell me which fuse is supposed to support pin #3. Pin 2 and 4 have 12 volts on them but I am reluctant to put a load on them because I don’t know the ampacity or if they’re fused as well. Thanks for the reply but I’m still in the lerch. Gerry

Do you have any empty fuse positions?

All of the fuse positions are full with what I believe to be good fuses. I don’t know why I can’t get an answer from the GEM dealers, every one wants me to bring the car in. I will pay any dealer something to answer my question (s). What fuse supports pin 3 and / or can I use pins 2 or 4 for a 12 volt supply, and what fuses support those points. If you know of a dealer please let me know so I can e-mail them. Thanks, Gerry

What year is your machine?

It is a 2005 E-4. 5hp pretty much a stock model.

Your specific pin is not noted on the electrical schematic I have. Fuse F10 10 Amp is constant 12 volt power. Fuse F3 10 amp is 12 volt switched. These are primarily for radio. Fuse F8 10 amp is for power outlet, light bar etc. Depending on your needs I would use one of those. Hope this helps.


Rodney, thank for your reply. I would like to show you the physical problem that I am grappling with .I don’t know how to send a picture (.jpg) on this site (can somebody tell me) and short of that all I can do is ask for your e-mail address (or you can send an e-mail to me at "gerry_goffinet@aol.com") and I can send you a picture. The problem is that the stak-on pins don’t appear to align themselves with the fuses. Example F10 is a 10 amp fuse yet there is no #10 on the stak-on terminal strip. Thanks.

Fuse 8 feeds #3 for power outlet Fuse 10 feeds #6 Fuse 3 feeds #1 Fuse 2 feeds #2 for heater Fuse 6 Feeds #4

Suggest you use #2 because you don’t have a heater HOWEVER Pull #2 fuse to see #2 terminal goes dead.

Thanks for the information. Rodney on this list also looked into the issue and what you say compliments what he said as well. I feel good now about digging into this without harming the controller. Thanks much for bird-dogging this down for me. Gerry