Wiring diagram for 2012 E2

any one know a source for a correct wiring diagram for a 2012 GEM E2?

My GEM E2 (2012) has started blowing a 10 A fuse that is labeled Radio / PA . I have neither and when the fuse blows the car will not run. all other electrical items are working, lights, horn wipers etc.

I can not find a wiring diagram for this year vehicle and have no idea where to look.

suggestions are requested.

The only 10 A fuse used for the radio is the Radio Memory/Power in slot F10. The Radio Switch slot F3 takes a 1 A fuse. I would check your wiring to see if there is any loose connections on the Power Signal Distribution Module (PSDM) . I know that on the left hand side of the PSDM, spade 6 was used for constant 12v power for the radio memory but if nothings plugged into it I don’t see that giving you issues.

Also check your battery voltage on the PSDM. They are located on the lower left (+) and right (-) of the module.

I found a pinched wire that was shorting out the parking brake circuit to be the cause

still looking for a scource for the wiring diagram- Thanks