Power distribution- help!

I have a 2009 Es that will not move because the parking brake circuit is dead. There is no power coming from the PSDM pin 6 to the wire that feeds the hand brake switch. I have not been able to determine where pin 6 on the PSDM is fed from. Can anyone throw me a bone on this one?

I show -72v coming thru key switch relay (J6-G) DG to switch. Then on to buzzer (J6-H) WT/DG.

F13 10a fuse feeds +72v to high side of buzzer.
Low side of buzzer from parking brake switch and p10 of motor controller.
Either pulled low activates buzzer.

I think your diagram might be for an older GEM. It is also possible that the car I have is a 2010. I will not be able to verify the year until Monday.

Could be. I only have a general schematic.

pin 6 are feed from fuse F10

Fuse 10 in the panel is marked “Radio”, and the car has no radio, thus I did not think anything of that fuse not being installed when the car came into the shop.
I will have to check tomorrow to see if that is indeed the issue.

yes its for radio memory also then key is off
but also need that 12volt power for parking buzzer then key is off or on
its constant 12volt on spade 6

Do you have a schematic for that circuit?

park brake are in the service manual also

It was indeed the missing F10 fuse. I have the diagram posted above and with it was unable to find the relationship between F10 and spade 6. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.