2009 gem

hey i have a 2009 GEM e2…i would like to hook up a radio but i cant find a 12 volt source can anyone tell me where to look or what color wires to look for…i have the dash and lower dash out … thanks

The DC/DC converter should have a dedicated 12 volt radio power connection which appears prominently in the wiring diagram. Since GEMs have used a number of different converters, you may need to post an image for us to see.


how do i post a pic and i will do so …i found a 12 volt wire pluged into the #6 post on the fuse block…i would like to find the wire you are talking about tho… thanks

in the quick reply the photo icon is the yellow box with the mountain… second from right…

For help posting photos see this link. :yo:

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did you figure out where the power supply you needed was ??

did you figure it out im having the same issue