Old 12v converter

Hi i am new here. I just bought a 2002 gem that has not run in 4 years. The previous
owner bought it for his son who had a accident and was paralyzed from the waist down. he used it around their property and has since moved to a better climate (AZ.). when taking off the hand controls they pulled some wires off. I put new batteries in but found the 12v converter not putting out power on the J1 pin. what i cant find is where 4 wires go. they come out of the main harness. the color are black (2 female spade connector that go to a chassis ground) and violet red (2 female spade connectors that come out of the main harness. I think my problem is the ground wires must go to the board but to which pin is a mystery. the past week i collected every piece of info i could get on a gem car but I cant find anything about the version 2 power supply that i have. yes I know there is a recall on it which i have ordered up. i would still like to get it running so it does not turn ugly if more than the recall is bad.

My 2002 has the new converter, and on mine, the wires you are talking about aren’t connected to anything. Of course, who owned the vehicle before you often plays a part in these things and mine was operated by bus mechanics as a service vehicle before I bought it, and while they did modify some things, it was mostly mechanical items, I’m not finding much in the way of electrical system modifications.

Looking at the master wiring diagram, I see what I think says violet/red coming off the fuse block and going nowhere.

Looking at the recall paperwork wiring diagrams, I don’t even see violet/red.

Hope that helps some.

This is the wires on the harness that i need to know where they go . the violet red does not concern me now but i think the black is the chassis ground for the 12v power supply . Without a ground there is no 12v has know where to go . The recall paper work talks about the black ground wire but does not show where it goes . Whith that said I thank you for furthering my education on my Gem car .

Far from being an expert on wiring here.
Ive found the chassis ground for 12 volt is fairly particular. All factory 12v grounds are on the front frame underneath the dash on the same chassis structural member no more than 6 inches apart.

I was wondering the same if these had anything to do my issues. My buzzer quit working when plugged into car (but works when bench tested), car randomly has no power, have two red t-taps with nothing on them (one by harness where plugs into controller and one under dash where original charger was located) and one green wire with male spade terminal on it in same location under dash. 2000 four seater, has had recall wiring done (charger changed to R4F before I purchased). Can you help with any input on this @inwo @Old_Houseboater @LithiumGods @grantwest

I still have not found the answers I have been looking for . Its kind of a moot point any way since my local dealer will be doing the 12v update under a recall . I did find this on utube about the violet red and black wires that were hanging there unhooked up. have not had a chance to verify if this is correct. If my 12v supply is totally dead I wont be able to. I was so hoping to figure this out before the car goes in for repair . I am the guy who cleans the room before the maid comes in