Gem car 1304 error

My gem car does nothing when I turn the key on. The display stays dark. When I leave the mail power switch off under the seat and turn it on again the display will show 1304 and then displays the charge level then turns off right away. Any thoughts?
Thanks in advance.

First off I would go check to see that I have at least 12.2V on every battery and that includes the main traction batteries and the little 12V battery under the dash if you have one.

Which brings up the fact that you told us nothing about the vehicle except it’s a GEM. Year and model would go a long way to understanding what could be going wrong.

Agree with dougl.
Give us some details on what you have.
Also- include some history,
how long have you had this car,
when was the the last time this was working correctly?

From this statement

turn it on again the display will show 1304 and then displays the charge level then turns off right away.

I am guessing this is a 00-04 car? This observation mentioned above is normal when powering ON the Main Battery switch.

If so, has it had the converter recall done?
(your response will direct any suggestions)

Thank you Doug and AssyRequired !
This is a 2002 e825.
I now suspect the number 1302 I see when I turn on the main disconnect switch is the hours meter which then displays the 065 charge level then turns off.
I do have 12+ volts on every battery.
I was able to call and he told me about the recall on the converter board. We found out I have the original converter and it is probably bad.
Now I am calling around to try and find a dealer to get the replacement. has a converter board to sell me and can rebuild my motor controller if needed.
New problem: I got this GEM car from Edwards Air Force Base. Since it was owned by the govt. it takes a dealer with a “special license” to get the converter. Stupid, stupid, stupid…


I have had this car for 3 years now and am very familiar with its use.
It quit quite suddenly. I drove to a spot, turned off the key, put the brake on and it never worked thereafter.
I had to push it into my garage.
It does not have a separate 12v battery as you describe.
All the fuses are good, even the ones I had to hunt for.


Can you post the battery voltages to 2 decimal places since a 12.01V would be a depleted battery and 12.20V is a ~50% discharged and about as low as you’d want to take them if it’s a steady state measurement(measured ~15+ minutes after use).

You need the main batteries in good shape and with proper fluid level if lead acid type. Otherwise even one bad battery can make the GEM go dark as soon as a small load is put on it.

I don’t like the word probably. Either it IS or IS NOT.

It could also be the key switch, or even the charger interlock.

The six batteries are 12.53, 12.55, 12.55, 12.54, 12.55, 12.55
All are up on fluid.
I connected the two wires for the charger interlock together so make sure that was not the issue and there was no difference. The converter board has two wires coming from it for 12v accessories that are taped up at the factory (as I read) and there is no voltage across those two wires when key is on.
I should probably look at the key switch.


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Bullfvckingshit. A recall through NTSB is a recall. Period. It’s got a VIN, it’s included unless it’s been unethically claimed already .

And R$F doesn’t rebuild anything. They send it FSIP and mark it up $200. Skip the moron in the middle and save yourself some money.

What is in your toolbox? You will need a meter of some reasonable quality, and basic electrical understanding.

What do you have for wiring diagrams/docs that might help you sort out the issues?

I am an electrical engineer. I could build my own DC-DC converter when I figure out exactly what this one does. I would prefer to get a new one for free to save my time, if it is bad. I have some great equipment at my disposal so that is no issue. I purchased the full set of service manuals for the GEM so I have complete wiring diagrams. I’m off to make some phone calls now to see if I can find a Polaris dealer with a bit of knowledge to get the new part.



It’s more than just one part. They changed a few components up there as part of that recall. The surepower DC DC converter (black finned one) is the critical part as the original open boards were known to catch fire occasionally, then the silver box wasn’t any better so they recalled it too.

Here is the paperwork, tech guide, instructions etc. on it

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Thanks for this great bit of information !
I’m still waiting for a local Polaris dealer to get back with me on my request for parts.


Did you run your VIN at ?

There were 3 recalls on the 00-04 GEMs. DC-DC, parking brake switch and one more I forget.

Also, when you get in touch with the dealer, there was a programming update for the Zivan NG1 charger, not a recall, but a voluntary new chip / algorithms. If you have the Zivan it will have a “microcode updated” sticker on it with the new charge #'s.

I just checked on the NHTSA website and see the text
Recall Incomplete, remedy not yet available
Does this mean I can’t get the new parts?

Nah, all the old GEM shitbox recalls had remedies. It might actually mean that your VIN fell off their list.
What item was that showing for?

It was displaying that for the DC-DC converter fix.
I actually found a local dealer here in Reno to do the fix for me.
I have two GEM cars and they are ordering the parts for me then will do all the work on both cars for free.
Did both of you want a copy of the manuals I have?

There’s also a parking brake handle/switch recall that the Polaris dealer did on our cart along with the DC-DC converter update.

Thanks. I probably have them already, but which ones did you find just in case?