Constant 12v when GEM E2 key is in off pos

Need 12v pick-off point for 2011 GEM E2 that is always on (even when key is in off position). Will be used for 12v LED light strip for interior cab lighting. Strip draws about 25watts@12v. Can anyone advise?

Anyone please?

For later model E2’s and most other models, remove the gray top dash piece first by opening the engine compartment and removing the three torx screws located directly below the windshield. From inside the cab, the gray dash piece is held on with velcro where the gray top meets the bottom white panel. Slide your fingers under the panel and pull towards you and then up to release. You may now remove the entire gray dashpiece. Next, remove the white bottom dashboard cover panel by removing the three hex head .screws located on top. Lift straight up and the white panel should come free. The fuse panel will now be plainly visible and accessible. To the left of the fuse panel you will see 8 spade terminals. The sixth spade terminal is constant 12v and is the only terminal that stays live (even with the key off). This spade #6 is fused by position #10 in the fuse panel (labeled “radio”). It is a 10amp fuse and controls the parking brake lockout switch. There are essentially three ways to tap in to this circuit. 1.) Use a “Posi-tap” connector on the [U]red wire with white trace[/U] going to spade 6. or 2) Use a Y spade breakout adapter at spade 6 and plug-in your own spade wire lead to the adapter. or 3) Buy ($3) what is called a 10amp molded “pigtail fuse tap” made by Accele Electronics mfr part #5710PT (using this method you would not need to remove the dash panels, depending of course on how you want to route your new wire. Don’t be tempted to use the metal fuse tap tabs that you would find in Radio Shack for example. There is probably an extra 5amps or so that is available from fuse 10. This method will probably work on most of the other later GEMCAR models, not just the E2, but I can’t say for sure.

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On models without constant 12 supply:

Tap off the first battery. (The one with the ground going to the chassis.)

Also good spot to get constant voltage for radio memory.

Be sure to fuse it!!!

I have a 2002 e825. The parking brake buzzer works with key off. Is that constant 12v available under dash

The buzzer is 12 volt. Always check voltage before hooking up 12 volt accessories to avoid destroying something by applying the wrong voltage.


I took a 12v line from the fuse box and added another fuse block (NAPA) above the motor… I have a window washing unit that has a large plate and made a great flat surface to mount the 6 fuss block… run the heated seats off it… so much easier than going to the main fuse box… I have tapped into my headlight wire for my Battsix… done before the new fuse block… works well as I leave my lights on all the time


I need constant 12v for radio memory

thank you for posting your answer to this … great job … I asked the gemmechanic just the other day , I guess the difference between the e2 and e4 must have Jared his memory …LoL… where did you ground the radio…

Hi I’d like to go the Posi-tap route but I can’t find them locally or in less than qty 10). Same problem with the Accel part. I’m leaning toward the Y shape adapter or the posi-tap if I must, but I have the dash on right now and I was hoping someone could tell me this. Would it be a single male to 2 female Y adapter? for Posi-tap, what is the gauge of that fuse wire? I have a 2007 e4. Thanks!!!