Chevy Bolt On-star Fraud

Anyone buying a Chevy beware of their fraudulent Onstar promotions at the time of purchase. I purchased a Chevy Bolt a few months ago and was given a very hard sell to try a “Free 3 month promotion” for on-star and WIFI service. Never used these services and cancelled during the second month. After cancelling I noticed 2 charges on my credit card and when I disputed the charges with On-start I was told that the promotion was only for one month and that they have a “no-tolerance” refund policy. I told them I had a “no-tolerance” policy against fraud, but after talking to several different people nobody at Chevy seemed to care. Regret purchasing a new car from a company that doesn’t care about fraudulently misleading their customers. If anyone makes the same mistake I made of buying a Chevy do NOT accept their “free” services, particularly if like me you are fairly certain you won’t be using them.

That does suck, especially since they are having are hard time selling EV’s in the first place. The last thing they should be doing is pissing off current customers.
As a two Tesla family I can say that Tesla is not perfect either by any means, but any time we have had an issue they have always compromised in our direction and made it right.
Maybe it’s time for a Model 3? :slight_smile: