Cheap steering wheel upgrade GEM

My OEM steering wheel was in bad shape and I was having a rough time finding another. Did not want to spend a ton of $. This was $15 with shipping on eBay. From a Polaris ranger (2008/2009). It’s slightly larger than original but fits my needs perfectly. Hope this helps someone.

Hey that’s a awesome Find. My stock wheel feels small and makes the turning on my 13 feel hard. This Ranger wheel bolted right on your Gem? No adaptorss ect?

Straight bolt in, however after I posted this I drove it and it felt a bit stiff. The base of the new wheel must be a few mm thicker than the OEM so I ended up flipping the lock-nut over (lock side down). This allowed me to back off a thread or two. Took it for another drive and it was a much smoother feel. I’ll recheck it after a few rides to make sure it’s staying properly tightened.