Charging locations type 2, not DC?

Hello everyone … just joined as I just ordered my Nissan Leaf.

(Drove a Lexus Hybrid for 5 years and cannot wait to rid myself of petrol!)

After doing all my research, one question remains.

I see in Illinois a list of plug in locations … like Walgreens, Whole Foods, etc. but something strikes me as odd.

They are ALL type 2. No DC.

What’s the point?

I would only use these things in an “emergency”. And we all know that type 2 takes HOURS to give me any range.

Barring the seemingly ridiculous price of the charging stations themselves, over $25,000 for a DC model vs. $2,500 (list) for type 2, why would these not be DC charge points?

With DC, cup of tea, coffee, in favorite watering hole or cafe. In for lunch, fill 'er up and away you go. With type 2, I am there overnight. Seems hardly worth it?

I did drive by my local Whole Foods yesterday and saw what looks like a DC unit. I do love seeing these charge points. Yet not listed as such on “the list”.

What am I missing?

[QUOTE=n0g4sh3r3;11206]Hello everyone … just joined as I just ordered my Nissan Leaf. [/QUOTE]Congratulations! It’s a nice vehicle.

[QUOTE=n0g4sh3r3;11206]What am I missing?[/QUOTE]Not missing, just unrealistic expectations. EVs are still in their infancy. There is no reason for shopping centers or stores to invest heavily in charging stations. There is no financial return. And the manufacturers of EVs are not doing it, so no one other than government is providing funding. And you know how efficiently they work! :rolleyes:

Cost seems to be a big factor. Level 2 chargers seem to be much cheaper to install. You can get a substantial charge in an hour or two. If I were a merchant, I wouldn’t mind the customer hanging around for a few hours. They may buy something.

Also, the high capacity fast chargers are not recommended, as they are hard on the batteries.

If you want to complain about slow charging, try a level 1 charger. Truly an overnight experience !