Charging issue on 2005 Gem eL

2005 Gem eL used too when charge cord plugged in . it would show on dash & vehicle wouldnt move.if you tryied to drive it before unplugging cord. Now it will drive when charge cord is plugged in & nothing on dash lights up. and not charging vehicle. found blown fuse on 110 ac side of charger ( 72 volt system model #910-7200 delta q. replaced fuse. still nothing. no lights light up on charger .
Is the charger bad or can there be a sensor telling it not to come on. replaced all batteries still not charging.
Does anyone know?

The charger will boot up and leds blink as soon as ac power is applied. If it doesn’t charger is bad. The ac fuse won’t normally blow unless something is bad internal.

Charger is fine, because if any problem with charger than it not charged the battery. I think checked the fuse and replace it.

found charger was bad. replaced it everything ok