Charger timing out on 2002 e825

Delta QuikQ charger, Trojan SCS225 wet cells about a year old with a watering system.

Been working great for most of year but has started the three flash timeout signal.

Thought maybe cooler weather was issue. But not as it warned up and still failed.

I checked connections and cleaned two with obvious corrosion.

It runs fine, even if it’s at 70%. I drove about 5 miles and checked all connections for heat. All were equally slightly warm (not at all hot). The warmest notably was one side of master cut off (positive leg). It looked clean.

Any ideas what to check? I am afraid to boil off water constantly charging.


You could have a battery with a bad cell. Check all cells with a hydrometer for a weak one.

They may need a balance. As soon as the charger times out unplug it for a minute and plug it back in. Do this a couple of times,


Thank you for suggestions. Will check the cells with a float hydrometer over the weekend. I have tried restarting by unplugging a few times without any change

Rodney, thanks for tip. Even though I have an auto water system (can fill from a couple of places instead of individually) and do so monthly, and I found all cells between 1.275 and 1.3 specific gravity. Unfortunately one cell was showing top of plates!

It was on battery #5, front most. I suspect that using one water system on both front batteries may have something to do with it.

I elected to take a bit of electrolyte from adjoining cells and added only a few onces before it was full. Topped off the others with distilled H2O.

Have run two charge cycles and it still seems to time out.

Will check SG on that battery again tomorrow.