Charger questions

I just got a 36V golf cart and am in process of dialing in a rectifier for charging.
Can someone tell me what the battery voltage should be when fully charged?
All 6 batterys seem to be in good shape all passing a load test with my 100A tester.
All are lead acid Trojans(105).
Im looking for total battery voltage and what the float voltage should be.
I havent yet charged them to the point of 0 amps charger output as the voltage seems too high and dont want to fry the batteries.
So far heres what I get;
Shutting the charger off @5 amps I get 38.8 battery volts The charger is putting out 42.7 volts at this 5 amp output.
what determines the point that I reach.5C?
Ive seen this on another charger that switches from charging mode to float voltage at this point.

45 volts max, 42.7 is good in my opinion, I was schooled that it is 15 volts max per 12 volt battery charging, when the charger is stoped the batteries should be around 14 volts.