Cardone 67-0007P throttle assembly?

Have been cross referencing until I am going cross-eyed, trying to find a more cost effective throttle assembly for the 05 and later cars. I keep coming back to cardone re-manufactured throttle 67-0007P. Has anyone tried this? at $120 I am willing to try. looks like the actual pedal assembly would have to be rigged, but… Has anyone already tried this?


The Saturn pedal works. I’ve done the work. <$100 from Rockauto.
Plug and footprint is the same, and pot portion works.
It needs a switch added which I have sourced. It can also be modified for a switch internally.

I need to look at yours, to see how compatible it is.

It “appears” to be identical. The throttle assembly on my 05 has teleflex numbers on it, so that is where I started looking. the same or similar throttle is used on diesel pusher RV’s, but is just as expensive as the gem throttle. Came across a reference to the cardone re-manufactured throttle assemblies and figured it was worth looking into

this could be good if it is a direct drop in

Can’t find info on it. It looks like putting the Gem “?” pedal on it might work mechanically.
99% of available new designs use dual pot in lieu of a switch.

Grant has my prototype Saturn model if someone wants to try it.

More than willing to try your set up. Let me know how to get it. could not figure out what year/model saturn you were working with. Might order the cardone one as well and compare it on the bench with the saturn one you have available. car is a 2005 with 2000 miles on it, rarity down here as it has never been in a rental fleet

This is what I do. The switch can be used with original Gem throttle if only the switch is bad.

I have the harness to make it plug and play, but you can just wire them yourself into the Gem wires.
Rather than mounting upside down. The Saturn pedal can be cut off. My plan was to make kits, then lost interest.
image image

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Rock auto.
I’ll get Grant to send you mine for testing. Or you can buy it for $150 and copy it.
Include harness and switch. Tested.