Car Shows

Spring is here in the Rockies…pouring rain today in the 90’s this weekend… being old… retired with nothing better to do than sit… tan and talk which I do all well… the little voice of the hot rodder in me is shouting ‘it’s car show season’… the logical side says ‘what a wonderful way to show more people my car’… for the last few Fridays I’ve pulled into a bowling alley who puts on a little car show… almost before I get parked I have a group of interested car folk looking and asking questions… this Saturday starts the larger shows… I’m making the climb from Denver to Golden CO to the school of Mines E-Day show… thinking E is for electric I signed up… wrong… E stands for engineering… what do I know I think the engineers are at Georgia Tech… the weather looks great for this weekend… next week I am off to a show the 23rd Annual Ms. Wheelchair Colorado Pageant and Car Show… wow my GEM car should fit in here as well… although there aren’t a lot of GEMs on the streets around here I’ve invited them to come with me… we’ll see and I’ll post more as the season goes on

I wanted to share the show photos

a couple more

Hooters was fun

Just curious - What are those orange lights on Lil Sparky by the front license plate?

Never mind! I just read another of your posts that said they are turn signals you found at a truck stop.

ARandall… East Coast cars have the inset turn signals I had bought the same lights but found that I’d have to cut into the hood to install them… there is no way that I could do that and keep the car looking right… so the lights went to my ‘pile of failed projects’ and off to the truck stop I went… they are LED and I feel that I may not know what the driver across the street is going to do… I think he/she knows I’m turning…


Did you do anything w/ the turn signals in the rear or do you figure they’re already noticeable enough.

I just ordered LED replacements from a seller on eBay for the rear… with the box on the back I lost the lights that are under the rear windows… think rear lights upgrade are needed… I had also found an inline beeper that lets me know that I have turned my signals off… being old I was forgetting to put the turn signal back to neutral if I sat at a light too long and made a turn… I do have a decal on the back saying maxim speed 25


this lady was at a car show… she makes signs out of metal…


back to the stock look of the GEM eS… needed the open flatbed so the box is now stored in the garage and the plastic box for storage has taken its place with the racking around the sides… I did make a change on the tail lights… adding red LED in place of the stock ones… big improvement…