Cannot find the OBDII connector in my GEM e4

Admittedly , it’s dark outside … but even then , should not be that hard to find the OBDII connector on the GEM , right ?

Our E4 is a few blocks down (I’m going there in a couple of minutes), but I can’t find it on the E6 (it’s not in the fusebox , right?) either , so I’m not having high hopes for the E4.

Any pointers on where to look for this ?

im not sure about yours but i dont think mine has one and its an 2009…or I havnt seen it and i have had the whole cab off…good luck…

NEVs do not need to have an OBD-II connector. Are you sure that’s what you’re looking for? The programming connector is on the motor-controller either under the dash or in the front under the hood (2005+).

Before you start asking why it doesn’t have an OBD-II connector; no car would have one unless the US government made the manufacturers put them in. It serves no useful purpose to the vehicle manufacturer and prevents them from having unique vehicle electronics programming ports which allow them to maximize profits.

Since the controller used in most electric vehicles is designed for, or a derivative of, a forklift controller, there’s no way it would have an OBD-II connector. There’s no reason for them to have OBD-II since there’s no internal combustion engine to diagnose. Without government regulation, NEVs won’t have this standard connector.