Brake Caliper ‘05

One of the bleeder fittings snapped off my caliper on an ‘05 E4. I’m having problems locating through the GEM vendors as they are saying the part is discontinued. Ive searched here through cross reference number postS and disc brake posts but haven’t found a cross reference number for the caliper itself.
Does anyone have a cross reference number for the caliper? Where can I get one?
Thank you for the help.

You can take the caliper to a machine shop and have them extract the broken half of the bleeder that is stuck in the caliper and chase the threads or drill it and put a helicoil in it.

You can also do it yourself if you have the right extractors and taps, and it’s not too messed up.

Lastly, did you try calling NEV Accessories? They sometimes have parts that aren’t listed on the website.

Tried extracting tool and the tip of the extractor broke off. Now I have a hardened piece off the tool in there which makes it that much more of a challenge.
NEV Accessories is saying its discontinued and can’t offer a cross reference number.

Im sure this caliper was used on many different vehicles, just a matter of finding out which ones and a part number.

Well that sucks. A machine shop will want way more to fix it now that there’s a busted extractor in there.

One other idea… long shot… there’s an ebay seller, “clvend”, they are GEM dismantlers, I’ve bought parts from them before and have no complaints. Maybe try reaching out to them and see if they have something used.

I bought parts from him, he is in AZ

Thanks for the lead. Found his number on eBay and sent him a text.
Thank you

OK, Striking out. clvend responded promptly that they don’t have any of these calipers available.
Still looking for cross reference number.

Try looking for ATV calipers (something like a 4x4 2002 Suzuki 400). They have the same wheel bearing and appear to have the same steering knuckles and similar A-arms. Calipers look the same too

Thats interesting, i am in the same boat want to replace front disc brake rotors on my 2008 E2 but they are discontinued, only route was to get the 9.5 newer model one’s and had them cut down in a machine shop to 7.56" but that is kind of dumb i was actually looking to fit larger brake into my Gem since it has 15" wheels has all the room in the world and will love more stopping power. But i have not come acrossed anyone here who has done a big brake mod.

I’ve seen a few other builds that used brakes from Honda cars. They typically don’t lay out exactly what they did to adapt things and how well they did on the front/rear brake bias so an adjustable proportioning valve is probably not a bad idea. I will have to troll the scrapyards for ideas later when I am ready to do this. Just be aware that too much brake on one end or the other will make the little short wheelbase cars like ours swap ends in a turn real quick.

With all the popularity of the new offroad SXS models out there today I’m guessing there would be something close to fitting from over there too. I’ve seen a few posts that some of the suspension components might be swappable from the RZR. I doubt either of these sources would be considered budget sources if that was the intent.

Thanks i will look into in…

Has anyone been able to cross reference brake calipers that will fit. In dire need of front passenger side.

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