BMW plug and play purpose built bluetooth smart bms

Until @LithiumGods gets his drop-in batteries available, offering V1 and V2 boards and parts for sale.
Complete V2 makes 3 stacked 8s BMW modules “drop-in” ready. Only need the power cables connected.
$350 includes new smart bms.
V2 boards have pads for LCD, Temperature sensors, and parallel module ability.

I have a V1 that does the same thing. BMW wires need massaging to reach. Functionally the same as V2. $200 with bms. Only one or two available

V1 populated boards, no bms.
Plugs into low profile 24s smart bms.
Unkeyed BMW 2/13 plugs. No protection against mis-plugging. Other than that it does the job.
No mounting plate or insulation. DIY
$50 each built as needed. Maximum of 8 pcs.

Breakout boards $50 each. Need one per battery module.

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Took the 24s BMW battery out for a test ride in an E-Ride truck. Seems everything works as it should.

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