Blink ev charger for sale

Hi i have a blink ev charger for sale. To start of i dont own an electric car, i just bought a new house and the owner said he was going to leave it. I dont know much about them other than the research i did on mine. I looked up the serial number on the charger and it sells for 1999.99 which is crazy to me but i dont need it so if you need on let me know and shoot me an offer. If you have any questions or need any info that i dont have on here just let me know. Also i cant seem to figure out how to post a picture either. So if you let me know how i can post some for you.
In/out 120/208y
120/240 VAC
30A 60HZ
Type: 3R raintight
Temp rating: -30C to 50C
Model # WE-30CKRE
It is in new condition and comes with a long power cord plug and a piece that holds the cord

What kind of EV did the PO drive?

Im not sure is there any way i can find out what it goes to by looking at something on it

This appears to be a level 2 charger that was popular for home installations and was installed as convenience chargers in work places. Many Volt owners have them. The Company fell on hard times. Obtaining service for these units could be problematic.

So is it any good to anyone or should i just forget about it

Put it on ebay.