Charging 101

A blog post I did for my company that gives a basic overview of EV charging. Let me know what you think! Electric Vehicle Charging 101 | Electric Vehicle Institute Blog

Thanks, good overview, and for current info I especially can use the table you provided at the end. I’m getting two EVCS installed in my condo.

Your welcome. What kind of chargers are you installing?

Still looking at quotes, examples are Clipper Creek CS-60 (60A, delivers 48A continuous), Chargepoint (30A), Eaton (30A), AeroVironment (30A), Schneider Electric (30A). Meeting my strata council this coming weekend to start moving things forward.

that’s quite a list. we should speak outside the forum.

Do you have access to send me a note outside the forum without publishing my email ID? Since I’m a new member, I can’t get at the profile page.

email me at lschneider @ ev-institute DOT com

to moderator: sorry about this, can’t find a way around it. i’ll delete this post after I hear from ugliest1